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Personalised fitness and wellness mobile application


During COVID, health was the top priority all over the globe, and organisation had this concerns for their employees who were working from home and had difficulty to track their is your physical and mental health especially in terms of time management.

The objective of this project was to present a personalised health & fitness application concept for the company's in-house competition. I was the sole designer for the team and provided design consultations and delivered UI designs and led the team in winning the competition with appreciation.

My Role

Design Consultant, Interaction Design


4 Weeks

Project Type



2 Project Managers

3 Developers

1 Designer



The current situation has led to increased stress and lethargy among employees, impacting their ability to adhere to health guidelines, particularly when balancing professional and personal responsibilities during COVID. Existing market solutions are costly and lack personalized approaches. The organization seeks a project proposal in health and fitness to support employees in managing stress, enhancing well-being, and sustaining healthy habits both during and post-COVID.


  • To provide a initial concept design for internal project pitch competition.

  • Guide employees in maintaining health.


In this project, we focused on delivering a tailored fitness application experience where users can set their fitness goals and preferences right from the start. With guided personalized workout plans, meal plans, and health monitor users can easily track their progress, connect with peers, sync their health devices like smart watch and blood pressure monitor and prioritize their overall well-being.

The goal is to help the users move from a fixed plan each day to a more versatile and dynamic plan on the fly every day based on their activities and plan.


How might we help engage the users in their daily physical health goal?

How might we increase the awareness of mental health in corporate world?

Desktop Research


User Persona

User Journey Map


Understanding the user's needs through research, survey and analysis 

Based on the small survey from 40 participants, and desktop research, we analysed that their habits, work pattern and schedules and their needs in terms of mental and physical health.

MoSCoW method.png
Survey Sample.png
User Journey Map.png
Key Insights

Insight 1

When things like work hours and family commitments aren't clear, employees struggle to stick to a routine or plan.

Insight 3

When employees have different daily schedules, it's important to create flexible micro plans plans that can adjust in real-time.

Insight 2

Lots of people see exercise as a chore and struggle to stay motivated.

Insight 4

Since employees use different tech gadgets, having all their tools in one app is really crucial.


After many iterations in the limited time period, we finalised the design. As per the teams vote, we went for the dark design pattern and utilised the material UI design guidelines.

New User Onboard.png
Application Flow.png
App Menu.png
Some Key Features
Therapy Appointment.png

Mental Wellness

Helps tracks the heart rate and evaluates stress and helps in scheduling an appointment with therapist.


Progress Tracker

An overview on the daily achievement on individuals personalised goals health & fitness setting.

Body Scan.png

Body Measurement/Scan

Scans body composition with the option to add additional health related details and compares the results with your goals.



The project concept was recognised by the employees and management of the organisation and won (organisation's employees) maximum votes. 


As the sole designer in the project and my contribution in the tight deadlines, I was award and was recognised as the one of the top design consultant.


The major challenges we as a team faced during the complete duration of the project was:

Limited time for design

Few research participants

Sole designer in team

No time for testing

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